COP 22- Nigeria-Civil Society: « tackling climate change with women and youth »- Olumide Idowu

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After 10 years of volunteering, Olumide Idowu is one  of the emerging  young leaders of Africa. He will be  one of the young people who can make the difference in COP 22. Profile.



“When it comes to tackling climate change, everyone needs to be brought to the table, especially women and young people, ” said Olumide Idowu.

Olumide has  been engaging youth in Nigeria and Africa with making their voice to be heard both “offline and online” for  10 years. « I want a better place for all »,  he proclaims. After COP 21, Olumide reacted quickly by involving social networks, reporting, strategic projects to fight against climate change in Africa . He worked with many organizations such as the United Nations Environment Program,  UN-Habitat as Youth Champions for Africa, Save the Children Nigeria, Amnesty International . He is part of different strategic team: Environmental Leadership Academy, Mentorship HUB Africa, Climate Wednesday, Youth Initiative Africa. He raises issues such as  waste management, smart agriculture, water management and climate finance.

Olumide has a Bachelor of Statistics and a diploma of Computer Science & Communication  from the University of Abuja in  Nigeria. Recently,  he attended the 10th conference of the the African Youth Initiative on climate Change ( AYICC). Olumide is currently the  Senior Communication of this organization. Launched in 2006, AYICC aims to mobilize  young people to have one voice on climate change issues. This year themes were:

-Promoting the role of youth in having  access to climate finance through the Green climate fund.

-Integrating youth in climate related policies, plan, projects and program at national and regional and international levels.

-Building capacity of youth on climate science and negotiations in order to increase their participation and influence on Climate governance


By Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache







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