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NDCs: « The heart of the Paris Agreement »- Hakima El Haite

By Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache

“National climate plans, or NDCs, are at the heart of the Paris Agreement: through the NDC Partnership, we will also engage  more of the private sector, encourage South-South cooperation and make donors more responsive to countries’ needs,” said  Hakima El Haite, Climate Champion and Minister Delegate in Charge of the Environment, Ministry of Energy, Mines Water and the Environment, Morocco, recently at the UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech.

Her thoughts on NDCs Partnership


Morocco and Germany initially co- chaired the National climate plans partnership, but now this NDC partnership is opened to all countries and relevant international institutions. Therefore, it  takes  three approach to drive climate action:

-Create and disseminate insightful knowledge products that raise awareness of and enhance access to existing support initiatives, tools and resources, including finance.

-Facilitate technical assistance and capacity building at national, regional and global levels by fostering greater collaboration between environment and -development agencies.

-Facilitate enhanced financial support of existing and new country-specific, bilateral and international NDC support programs

What is the View of the LDC Chairman ?

What is the view of the African Group of Negotiators?

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