Meteorology: Solution to Climate Change

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Photo forecast presenters from 40 countries
Photo forecast presenters from 40 countries Photo Credit:  French Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea

Meteorology : Solution to Climate Change

By Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache

Two professional days dedicated to world meteorology took place in Paris under the authority of the French Ministry of  Environment, from May 29th to May 30th . The two days aimed to explain how the world respond to climate change. It is also an opportunity to understand climate data.

Egypt Case, back to COP 21.

Ashrafi Zaki, a meterologist from  the Egyptian climate authority who was part of the Egyptian Delegation during  the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris  explained in an interview how his country is working to raise awareness on climate change and agriculture. Egypt authorities promote climate information through  a strategy:  a training workshop available for journalists. Journalists  are trained  on how to  understand the weather forecast.

Egypt meteorology authority  integrates the youth in a programme known as the  « Cairo Action talk ». For Mr Zaki, around 120 young people are part of this programme based on tourism,  health and the impact of climate change.

Listen to the interview.

Ashrafi ZAKI

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