Sustainable waste management: “Our doors are open”- DAS BIOGAS

Sustainable waste management: "Our doors are open"- DAS BIOGAS

Sustainable waste management: “Our doors are open”- DAS BIOGAS

DAS BIOGAS has developed a solution to transform biodegradable household waste into renewable cooking gas. DAS BIOGAS is a sustainable waste management company. CEO Enoch Koffi Boadu is a guest of Your Voice on radio Era Environnement. Boadu is a mechanical engineer based in Juaben, Ghana. Boadu was part of the conference in Ghana in November 2023 and introduced his activities .

Renewable cooking energy with DAS BIOGAS@DASBIOGAS

Through DAS BIOGAS portable food waste plant, this ghanean company helps households to eliminate organic waste. The company seeks also to avoid cutting trees for cooking. As 600 million people in Africa do not have access to energy, this company wants also to be part of the solutions . DAS BIOGAS transformers known as digesters turns organic waste into renewable cooking energy.

But what is Biogas?

Biogas comes mostly from the fermentation of organic elements. This fermentation process can be controlled by human. It is therefore possible to recover organic waste while replacing certain fossil energy sources. Biogas can have multiple uses, from heat production, electricity production, to vehicle production.

How DAS BIOGAS is working?

With a team of 21 people, Enoch Kofi Boadu is developing a portable food waste biogas plant for wealthy households and middle classes. It targets also institutions and schools. Since 2015, the company sells two transformers, Das Biogas Prefabric plant and Das Biogas Portable Prefab 1. In November 2022, it indeed implemented this product. DAS BIOGAS expands its activities in Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone.

Enoch Koffi Boadu CEO Das Biogas- Sustainable waste management

How does organic waste affect health and the environment?

Household waste are generally found in landfills and sewers. This waste then emits greenhouse gases and poses a significant risk to health and the environment. In Ghana, 8389 tonnes, of total household waste generated per day are organic waste. It is a total of 66% of household waste, according to a study conducted by scientists in 2015.

Sustainable waste management Biogas @DAS BIOGAS

When was born DAS BIOGAS?

Established in 2015, Das Biogas aims to help reduce household waste in Ghana, protect the environment and fight climate change. It is a self funded business. But it was sponsored by Ghana Climate Innovative Center fund in 2018 with a 21000 dollars grant.

Das Biogas portable plant@DasBiogas

Can the carbon market help with philantropy?

DAS BIOGAS wishes to donate its portable food waste plant free of charge to the poorest households in the villages in Africa. To him, the big polluters companies should buy the portable food waste plant for the people who cannot afford to pay. He thinks carbon market can support this initiative. The 42 years old entrepreneur confesses that there are many obstacles to join carbon market. He calls for more clarifications. Listen to Your Voice with Enoch Koffi Boadu.


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