COP 23: “climate deniers will be defeated”- Tajiel Urioh

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COP 23 : “climate deniers will be defeated”- Tajiel Urioh Green Icon-

Tajiel Urioh is a young activist from Tanzania. He is the founder of Green Icon, an non profit organization aims to fight climate change. Interview.

By Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache Could you please introduce yourself?


I’m Tajiel Urioh, 28 years old from Arusha in Tanzania. I am currently based in Dar es Salaam. Since my childhood I always wanted to protect the  environment particularly plants. In secondary school, I thought about being a botanist. I finally studied later geography and Environment: my passion. I have now a BA Hons on Geography and Environmental Studies from University of Dar es Salaam . I’m a Founder and Executive Director of The Green Icon,  a non-profit organization I found in 2012 when I was second year student.

Tajiel Urioh: What is The Green Icon about?

The Green Icon is a non-profit organization working on environmental conservation, climate action, energy and green youth development. Action for Resilience is a flagship motto for our organization. We have been working with media houses and youth programmes. And we re thinking to  work with grassroot community now particularly on climate change adaptation, renewable energy and access to safe and clean water.


Two years after the adoption of the Paris Agreement, how do you proceed to help the communities understand the land issues?

I see the consensus on adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, Paris Agreement and Sendai Framework of Disaster Risk Reduction as one of the big victory the world experienced in recent years. On Paris agreement, first I’m very proud that I was one of CSOs soldiers who pushed governments tireless on this agreement, I remember the push on inclusion of Loss and Damage as per Warsaw International Mechanisms for Loss and Damage. I remember that night when all nations agreed and it was really a break heaven step. I’m now working with community on different youth groups and community on conservation and reforestation. With  my organization,  we are also working on raising awareness  for land conservation and well management as per call of Paris Agreement and SDG Goal 15 (Life on Land).

How does your organization work with Women?

The Green Icon recognizes the role of women. Women are drivers of change in community particularly when there are empowered. It  is for this  reason that we are working closely with girls and women. Women are good agent of changes especially in adaptation measures in agriculture sector where most of them are directly involved in Tanzania. Currently girls who are working with us are becoming voice of  the voice less in many issues including climate.

Tajiel with UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christina Figueres during COP 20 in Lima

So far, do you understand the process to have access to the Green Climate Fund and the Adaptation Fund?


Yes, I understand.  Last year, I participated in workshops on raising  awareness on access to Green Climate Fund  as well as Adaptation Fund. It was  organized by the authorities of Tanzania. Our government already benefits from these two funds. Now, we need as Non Governmental Organization to take this opportunity and be able to change lives of community by implementing adaptation and mitigation programmes.

What do you expect for COP 23 ?

I am very positive that the world will stand together and climate deniers will be defeated, even if the United States of America said it willing to withdraw from the Accord, they will be still part of the discussion.

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