Key Energy 2024: Focus on Sustainable Electrification in Africa

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The two days event Key Energy 2024 ends this Friday with a side event entitled Scaling-Up a Sustainable Electrification in Africa, for Africa with Africa.This event calls for an urgent need to accelerate economic growth, promote job creation and ensure widespread access to services in Africa.

For Roberto Vigotti, Secretary General at RES4Africa, this event is driving meaningful progress towards sustainable electrification in Africa. Participants recognize electricity as a cornerstone of modern societies, and the importance of transitioning towards clean electrification. “To be energy independent, the African continent needs access to modern and reliable forms of energy,” emphasizes Andrea Bombardi. He is the Global Market Development. Executive Vice President of RINA.

The two-day focus key topics such as national and regional grid reinforcement. It underlines the role of solar PV and wind systems. Il explains the role of energy storage solutions, distributed generation, empowerment of the local workforce. And it shows how policy frameworks for sustainable electrification can work. Attendees identify innovative strategies to balance energy security and sustainability, the role of technology in facilitating a just energy transition, and de-risking instruments to accelerate investments in sustainable electrification projects.

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