From COP 21 to COP 22: Publication of the Climate Finance Roadmap (OECD)

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From COP 21 to COP 22: Publication of the Climate Finance Roadmap (OECD)

Ségolène Royal, President of COP 21 has just received the OECD report on “Climate finance projections”. A report previously commissioned by the French presidency ( COP 21) and the Peruvian presidency ( COP 20).

According to the roadmap to reach $100 billion in climate finance, a commitment presented in 2009 in Copenhagen by developed countries for developing countries by 2020, from various sources of public and private financing, at least $67 billion in funding will come from bilateral and multilateral sources. What does this represent? According to the OECD report, this is an increase of $26 billion compared to 2013-14 levels. $90 billion in public and private climate finance is expected to be mobilized in 2020. Funding for adaptation should come from public funding and should double by 2020, compared to 2013-2014.

The roadmap details the actions that developed countries will implement to meet their commitments, including the need to continue increasing public climate finance and improve the mobilization of private climate finance.” announced the presidency of COP21.

The funds are expected to go through the Green Operational Climate Fund since 2015. It is the financial instrument of the Paris Agreement, presented as the main international financing fund.

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