Denmark to implement green tax on air travel in 2025  

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By Era Environnement

Denmark has announced recently plans to implement a green tax on air travel starting 2025.”It is a good decision, coming after a long push for many years. the levy is higher than first proposed by the government, which is a win for us who pushed for it”, said Mattias Söderberg, Global climate lead at DanChurchAid, a Non Governmental Organization based in Denmark.

Initially, flights departing from Denmark will be subject to a fee of 30 crowns (€4) for short-haul flights, which will increase to 50 crowns (€6.70) by 2030. In the same year, long-haul flights could be taxed up to 410 crowns (€55), report observers.

“It will only have limited effect on the amount of travel, it is more of a Money machine, to get funds for the Development of green airuels,” said Söderberg.

Answering the question if it is greenwashing, “Söderberg states that ” it is just sold as an initiative to limit air transport, and to raise funds for the green transition of flights. By 2030 ALL domestic flights in Denmark should be 100% green (e-fuels or biofuels), he highlights.

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