COP28: Tunisia calls for adaptation to finance its economy

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By Era Environnement

Tunisia will be present at COP 28 and will be represented in several negotiating groups, the African negotiators group, the Arab countries group, the middle-income countries group and the 77+ China group. The challenges are many for this country of more than 12 million inhabitants. The Tunisian press recently has put forward problems and solutions of this North African country. In the Economy press supplement of 1 November, readers are reminded of the country’s water access challenges. Tunisia has experienced three years of drought and 6 years of tension in the last ten years describes the Press ECONOMY.

“The Sidi Salem dam currently contains only 100 million m3”

Between 2020 and 2023, Tunisia experiences repeated droughts. The Sidi Salem dam currently contains only 100 million m3 and it takes two years to return it to water,’ explained journalist Najoua Hizaoui in the Tunisian supplement. The issues remind the journalists are considerable and must allow access to drinking water and irrigated agriculture. How? Through a series of scenarios presented by a study, the study «Water 2050». The study, carried out by 70 experts, highlights a ‘vision for the future, the strategy adopted and the action plan adopted’ through adaptation to climate change.

Adaptation that does not attract the private sector is important for Tunisia and Africa. Two strategic products are at the heart of international attention: olive oil exported by Tunisia and cereals imported by this country and by most countries in Africa. Many African countries want to pursue the process transformation of their consumable raw materials. The analysis presented by the Tunisian journalist should allow further reflection on the importance of financing climate change adaptation, a key element requested by Africa for many years.

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