COP 28: “World leaders must integrate women in their decision”- Olanike Olugboji-Daramola

COP 28: "World leaders must integrate women in their decision"- Olanike Olugboji-Daramola
Olanike Olugboji- Daramola

For the second time, Olanike Olugboji- Daramola is our guest on Radio Era Environnement, “Your Voice”. For those who don’t know her, she is the founder and executive director of Women Initiative For Sustainable Environment (WISE) in Kaduna State, Nigeria. With her team, she has been working for more than seven years in mobilizing disadvantaged women in this state of more than one million people. WISE provides environmental education and awareness programmes related to climate change, energy, food and water security, and sanitation and hygiene.

Women farmers from WISE

Recently, in late November, Olanike Olugboji-Daramola organized a march with 1,000 women in Kaduna state to call for climate justice and better representation of women in the UN climate negotiations.

Olanike Olugbodji- Daromala in a rally

For the first time, she attends the United Nations Climate Conference to learn and understand how to link it to what she’s doing at the grassroot level. “There are so many information”, she observes. Tomorrow she will participate in a side event on women leaders.
In the podcast “Your Voice”, she explains the challenges and opportunities of women , especially women farmers. Olanike Olugbodji- Daromala clarifies the economic issues and solutions of women she helps in her organization and shares her view on revolving loans which for her are the solution. She highlights the importance of renewable low-rate green microcredit, a finance dedicated to green projects. She advocates this type of funding and rejects grants. Grants for her are not suitable for projects, because of a small amount given and problems of implementation of the projects due to lack of funding in a long term period, she underlines.

As the United States of America updates its Energy Transition Accelarator (which involves carbon market) today and it will take Nigeria as one of its beneficiaries, radio era environnement asks Olugboji- Daramola her view on carbon market. She replies that she needs more information and research on it to tell her view. And it is not her priority, even though she indirectly participated in a program related to the carbon market in Nigeria.

On radio Era Environnement through ” Your Voice”, she describes the impact of climate change in Kaduna State and its consequences in this part of Nigeria for women especially . She tells stories on how her organization brings knowledge and action to women, women farmers through a specific knowledge program and activities related to biomass for instance . She helps indeed women to reach clean technologies for clean cooking facilities.

She introduces herself as an independent person and claims that her Non Governmental Organization is free of any commitment.

At the media center at COP28, she was interviewed by a Brazilian TV

Listen to Your Voice With Olugboji- Daramola- By Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache

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