COP 28: “There is now an urgent need for sustainable energy solutions in the country” Reine Metlej (Lebanon)

COP 28: "There is now an urgent need for sustainable energy solutions in the country" Reine Metlej (Lebanon)

In a 127-page report published by Human Rights Watch last March, entitled “Cut Off from Life Itself”, the human rights organization says it is important to have access to energy, because it is essential to almost every aspect of life and participation in today’s societies. The organization also stresses that the right to an adequate standard of living, protected internationally, includes the right of all, without discrimination, to adequate, reliable, safe, clean, accessible and affordable electricity. Human Right Watch reports that the Lebanese government only provides electricity for an average of one to three hours a day, while people who can afford it supplement that supply with private generators.


In this context of the energy crisis that has persisted for some years in this country and in other countries in the world, a young woman from a rural environment in Lebanon, Reine Metlej, 26, has in recent years been presenting two start-up projects related to access to energy, waste management and new technologies. These projects are about to be implemented.

On the podcast, Your Voice with Reine Metlej, Radio Era Environnement looks back at the origin of the projects presented by the young woman, her background, ambitions, know-how, limits and determination. Reine Metlej also responds to the challenges of the Middle East on the issue of the use of fossil fuels and sheds light on the energy diversification policy of the countries of the region. She also gives her perspective on the place and role of youth and women in the region on climate action opportunities. The young woman will be present at COP 28 this year in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.
Listen to the podcast “Your Voice with Reine Metlej”. Interview by Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache

Reine Metlej biowayste
Reine Metlej, Biowayste founder and director
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