COP 28: ” Our voice, the voice of the DRC, will be heard”- Christian Bagunda-ADDC

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President of the Non-Governmental Organization, Action for Sustainable Development in the Republic of Congo, Christian Bagunda, along with the 100 members of his association calls for equity in the face of climate change in his country and in developing countries.

Partner of the Pan-African Alliance for Climate Justice (PACJA), the Congolese NGO is fighting to defend its rights internationally. Member of the diaspora, veterinarian by training, settled in Sweden for 10 years, he is part of the Congolese diaspora that works for the change of mentalities and calls for action for the reforestation of the forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is currently working on the implementation of a project dedicated to modern beekeeping in his country.

On the podcast “Your Voice”, he highlights the important role of bees in reforestation and biodiversity conservation. Through this project, he wishes to facilitate the autonomy of women and youth in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This training in modern beekeeping techniques is done online and on site. Christian Bagunda asks for local support at the level of South Kivu for the development of his project at the national level and financial support at the international level. Originally from South Kivu, Christian Bagunda campaigns for the rights of peoples and wants to raise awareness of the Congolese population on climate change and bring solutions in particular by explaining the transition from traditional beekeeping to modern beekeeping .

As the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference approaches, Bagunda is confident that the voice of his country and Africa will be well represented, but he says climate finance is difficult to access. Confident, he believes that his project could have a favorable listening by publishing its information on social networks and at COP 28, through its partner, PACJA, a pan-African network with more than a thousand non-governmental organizations in the world.

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