COP 28: “Our leaders should build an united front, not compromising on this front”- Fadhel Kaboub-Power Shift Africa

COP 28: "Our leaders should build an united front, not compromising on this front"- Fadhel Kaboub-Power Shift Africa

By Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache

Ahead of the 28th United Nations Conference on Climate Change which is held in Dubaï from november 30 to December 12, Fadhel Kaboub, senior adviser of Power Shift Africa, a think thank based in Kenya, providing analysis and solutions from an african perspective, is the guest of “Your Voice”, the voice of experts on Radio Era Environnement.

One day after the revelations of the BBC related to the plans of the UAE president, Sultan Al Jaber, to sign deals on fossils fuels with 20 countries in parallele of the negotiations, Fadhel Kaboul gives his view on this information, explains his concerns and bring his solutions based on the science and analysis on the economic aspect of the situation of the Global South. For about thirty minutes, he brings his expertise on how the Global South should react to face climate climate debt. He discusses this concept and its consequences for developed countries, and underlines the importance for these countries to pay their debts because of the historical responsibility of greenhouse gas emissions. On the other side, he highlights concrete cases of heavily indebted southern countries and sheds light on solutions that could help these countries. As one of the author of the ” Just Transition” report, he raises concerns related to the carbon market and gives his solutions. He also answers questions related to the operationalization of the loss and damage fund and the current problem discussed within the Group 77+ China related to the place of reception of the fund, and describes what is at stake . He raises the reluctance of developed countries such as the United States of America and the countries of the European Union.

Fadhel Kaboub is an associate professor of economics at Denison University in the United States of America ( on leave). He is currently based in Kenya. He is working on climate finance and development policies in Africa. He is an expert on designing public policy and help countries to enhance monetary and economic sovereignity in the Global South. His most recent co-authored publication is Just Transition: A Climate, Energy, and Development Vision for Africa (May 2023, published by the Independent Expert Group on Just Transition and Development). He has held a number of research affiliations with the Levy Economics Institute (NY), the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University (MA), the Economic Research Forum (Cairo),  and the Center for Strategic Studies on the Maghreb (Tunis). You can follow him on Twitter @FadhelKaboub and you can read his Global South Perspectives on substack where he blogs regularly.

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Fadhel Kaboub
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