COP 28: ” I know that all dreams can become a reality” – Stacey Alvarez- Islands Innovation

COP 28: " I know that all dreams can become a reality" - Stacey Alvarez- Islands Innovation

Stacey Alvarez is from Barbados. She is a legal Education Advisor and Partnership Manager for Island Innovation, the new islands initiative to be launched at the 28th United Nations Climate Conference from November 30 to December 12. In the podcast “Your Voice”, she introduces to the radio Era Environnement audience the Caribbean Climate Justice Leaders Academy program. It’s an empowerment program for young people across the Caribbean. This program helps bridge the gap between these islands and understand the challenges and solutions related to climate change. Some of these young people will take part for the first time in the UN negotiations.   As a program coordinator of the Caribbean Climate Justice Leaders Academy, Stacey Alvarez shares her thoughts on how she sees herself with the youth in this program. She describes the various parallel activities planned for the next United Nations Conference and sheds light on the economic, scientific and environmental situation of the Caribbean.  On radio Era Environnement , she also explains how she will interact with young people during COP 28. She hopes to extend this programme to other islands.

Listen to Your Voice with Stacey Alvarez by Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache

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