COP 23 : Angola is combating Coal with 19 nations

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COP 23 : Angola is combating Coal with 19 nations

Following the High level Segment, held this Wednesday, Angola shows its interest to combat coal with an Alliance of 19 nations.  Demonstration.

By Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache


On  Thursday, Angola with other Nations such as the UK, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Belgium,  France, Italy, Marshall Islands, Portugal, el Salvador, US and Canadian states  (Washington, Alberta…). pledged to commit to moving the world from burning coal to cleaner power sources, through the Powering Past Coal Alliance plans. The ambition of this Alliance is to lead the rest of the world in committing to an end to use coal poser. They are going to take action such as setting coal phase out targets, committing to not further investments in coal-fired electricity in their jurisdictions or abroad.

The minister of Environment Paula Francisco, head of the delegation of Angola has explained, on Wednesday during the high level segment  at UN Climate Conference in Bonn, how the Angola is engaged in the process of adopting a National Climate Action Plan from 2018 to 2030. Its ambitions: contributing to poverty eradication with a low carbon development strategy.

Angola said its willing to implement the Paris Agreement collectively. “ As we progress toward 2020, it is imperative that we take stock of the actions we have collectively taken in accordance with the decisions and commitments made, ” she said during the high level Segment at the UN Climate Change Conference.

Mrs Francisco  raised concerns on the large gap between the levels of ambition needed to reach the long term temperature goal of limiting temperature rise to 1,5°Celsius above pre industrial levels and said that the action should be taken collectively and not individually.

“While we are encouraged by the fact that 170 Parties have ratified the Paris Agreement, ratification alone will not bridge the gap. Further gaps exist in the level of financial flows and access to technology to developing countries, as our ability to act is limited by access to adequate means of implementation,” she emphasized.




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