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Climate Finance: the key to develop the South

As we approach the year 2018, our thanks go to our readers who follow us for about two years. This adventure is not so easy but we overcome challenges everyday. Thank you for your unwavering support.

From today to the end of January, Era Environnement will publish original and insightful  stories on countries such as Niger, Nigeria, Liberia, South Africa, Comoros, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Senegal and many more. Era Environnement will focus on the COP 23, the One Planet Summit, and especially on the climate finance. Even if there is no definition of the climate finance, which is important for the development of the southern hemisphere.

But something seems to change:   a balance is possible between the Northern hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. The more climate finance includes the sustainable investment, the more  developed countries express interest in encouraging the access to climate finance to countries from the South.

Therefore, climate action is the key. The major pillar is renewable energy and the mechanism to help reduce the greenhouse gas emission. Example: the carbon pricing. Ethiopia and Nigeria, two countries from Africa are using this mechanism as a strategy to develop renewable energy in their countries. For many experts,  2018 will be a productive year for the entire continent where all the 54 african countries  will have to reinforce the implementation of their sustainable development program. 2018 will be a year where the african population might also see adaptation to climate change as a key for sustainable development and a key for investors, as we might see for the first time, adaptation associated with profit and sustainable investment.

Era Environnement will follow for you these topics.

Best wishes 2018.

Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache

Founder and Editor in chief of



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