Bonn: “financing, the elephant in the room”

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Bonn: “financing, the elephant in the room”

The scientific and technical negotiations ended on the night of June 13. With many twists and turns. The question of financing remains enigmatic. Problems of communication, transparency, dialogue, listening marked the two weeks of discussions.

Exchanges of views on the New Quantified Collective Climate Finance Objective (NOCQ) remain pending. The funding issue is the central unresolved element. For the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, there is little progress. Delegates streamlined content for the new collective quantified goal to finance climate action. But how finance will reach the developing countries? There are numerous points of contentions. According to civil society and developing countries, loss and damage must be integrated into the new funding. This is therefore one of the points of contentions of the negotiations.

The Convention’s Executive Secretary, Simon Stiel, acknowledges difficulties. We still have a very steep mountain to climb to achieve ambitious results in Baku,’ he notes.

Bonn: “financing, the elephant in the room”@IISD K.Worth

For the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), funding is “the elephant in the room”. According to the african based organization, there is a lack of recognition of the african specificities. Africa, stresses the pan-African organization since COP 21, has special circumstances and needs. They repeat this information at a recent press conference. Climate activists ask african members states to include Africa’s special needs and circumstances in national adaptation plans. The 29th UN Climate Conference will take place in november in Baku, Azerbaijan.

By Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache

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