COP 22-African Media- Translating climate knowledge into action

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COP 22-African Media- Translating climate knowledge into action

By Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache


 For about a year, COP 22 presidency has been working hardly to help Africa being at the forefront of the climate action during the UN Climate Conference. Everyone in the continent and outside the continent is  welcome to join this international  event ( civil society, private sector…).  African Media are invited and sollicited. 55 journalists from 28 countries were recently invited in Rabat by the communication and press office of the COP 22. Why? Because dealing with issues and above all with solutions related to Africa is really important for the COP 22 presidency. is willing to be part of this event. As we have a team of young and senior journalists from Africa.  Translating climate knowledge into action with the youth is essential for

Our expertise won’t be useful if we cannot share it with this important part of our countries. It is now and not later  that we can help them. Giving them the tools to understand better how they can be part of the private sector, the sustainable development mechanisms is very important for us as senior journalists from Africa. Giving them the tools to understand the role of cities, climate finance is also essential. Internet is fundamental. But one can ask, how can  we trust media ?  We are working on fact-checking and we are willing to help the youth to become columnist to better integrate the issues and solutions. We help them by giving the technical skills of journalism.

Thinking, writing, filming are important skills which we manage to gather together through by linking to climate change opportunities. Adaptation, one of the main goals of Africa will be the priority of COP 22 presidency as the Minister of Environment of Morocco Hakima El Haité said yesterday during the climate chance summit in Nantes ( France), there will be a coalition on adaptation with philanthropists.We hope to follow, cover and explain this action and many coalitions there, so help us coming to Marrakech with the youth of Africa and outside africa.

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